The Fantasy-Euro MOBA Board Game

Manage an entire squad of mighty Champions, each with their own intertwining backstory, to go up against other squads in a world tournament. In intensive 5v5 format, you will utilize your five Champions to lead troops across three major lanes on the battlefield to bring down the enemy’s towers and ultimately destroy their base. It goes without saying that they’d be attempting to do the same to you.



Eudoria is huge and rich with its history and lore. To fully appreciate the scale of it, here’s a timeline of the major milestones of this world.


A world of fantasy and danger. Adventures aplenty and gold unlimited…


Hosted by the most powerful organization in the world once every two years, the Grand Tournament attracts the mightiest beings and the most powerful beasts of Eudoria, for the ultimate prize is the granting of any wish within the means of the Teluva Guild. That’s literally almost anything under the sky…

Gank is a game in the realm of the MOBA genre, only that it is in card format instead of point-and-click. In a MOBA game, 2 teams of Champions go against each other and try to destroy the opposite’s base while protecting their own. In Gank, instead of players controlling just one such Champion each, you control all five Champions on your team! There are three lanes that lead from one base to the other, and warriors from both sides constantly spawn to push the battle line ever closer to the opponent’s base.

Along the way, powerful cannon towers on either side defend their lanes from opposition troops. These towers however, will eventually be destroyed amidst the relentless assaults from these forces. When all of one team’s towers in a particular lane are destroyed, the base will be exposed to the enemy warriors. If left undefended still, the base will be destroyed.


There are three ways to win a Gank match:

  • Reduce the enemy team’s morale to zero by defeating their Champions multiple times, or by crushing at least two lanes each round.
  • Overrun the enemy base by successfully pushing into one of the three lanes when there are no enemy Towers left to defend with.
  • Collect all nine unique Celestium Crystals on the battlefield to fuel the Crystal Cannon and power it up to blast a hole straight through their base.






Lead the battle with not one, not two… but FIVE mighty Champions – each filling a unique role and purpose in their team.

Strategy for the long rounds, tactics for the short turns. Luck is only a tiny speckle to keep everyone on their toes, but Gank is ultimately about brains.

Comeback is real. There are three ways to win the match, and you can always press for a different path any time if your foe is edging out on your current plan.

Extremely high replayability across more than 30,000 possible squad combinations across the current 40 Champions, each with their very unique play styles.

Heavy game complexity specifically designed for the veteran card/deck (euro) gamer with multiple layers of consideration for timing and execution.