Sam’s Bites

Sam Leung2


Sam of Medieval Lords has played more than 1000 different games in his life thus far, and the count continues to climb every week! Because of the nature of his work, Sam travels around the world regularly and makes it his life goal to play all sorts of rare and exotic tabletop titles. Due to this vast exposure, it also inevitably increases his experience in understanding what tabletop fans of all types and genres are looking out for. Every episode is done in quick bite sizes of just 5 minutes – fully intended for On-The-Go!

Ultimately Sam enjoys playing tabletop games because of the human element, and emotional investment in every session. Of course, like any geek worth his salt, Sam will never say no to a great solo game. Other than giving his opinions and thoughts on the different games, Sam will also attempt to recommend similar games or alternative titles where possible. Lastly, as a closure to each episode, Sam will also provide insight on value-for-money on the title being covered.

List of Episodes: (Planned)

  1. 7 Wonders: Duel
  2. Trains
  3. Battalia
  4. Abyss
  5. Jab
  6. Going, Going, Gone
  7. Speed Cups
  8. Doctor Eureka
  9. Rhino Hero
  10. Sukimono