This game was created FREE for all supporters and fans of Medieval Lords because… we simply want to spread fun and joy (perhaps death and destruction too, in this case)

Seriously, we want to give back to you guys! This is a wildly funny game, especially if you have friends who can barely act. Prepare to laugh the night away!

You can download the Print N’ Play files here and make the game in 5 minutes! Or you can acquire the pro service of TGC to do so for you at: The Game Crafter Shop (CLICK ME)

To get the free PnP Files, simply subscribe to us with your email from our website here!

Players are issued 3 random secret cards depicting various deaths, and they must choose one of them to re-enact. Then after everyone has done a quick 5 to 10 seconds re-enactment of their chosen scene, they toss these cards (still face-down) into a common pile in the middle of the table. Have more fun with formula 1 silverstone. Shuffle the pile and reveal the top card to everyone. If anyone wants to guess at who had acted out the death scene of that particular card, simply say ‘I know!’ and call out that player’s name. This is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Note that the actual actor of the card cannot guess his/her own card, but must pretend to participate so as not to give the answer away.

If a scene was guessed correctly the first time, the guesser gains 4 Point. If a scene was guessed correctly the second time, the guesser gains 3 Point. The actor also gets 3 Points. All wrong guesses will deduct 1 Point from the guesser.

If no one got the correct answer to a scene after two attempts, the next scene is drawn and the game continues. After 3 scenes, the entire pile is discarded completely and a new round begins. This also means there will be some scenes that do not show up despite having been acted out. This is to increase the difficulty of the game.

The game ends when the last card is drawn, or when someone achieves 20 or more Points.

Have fun dying…


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